%FIRSTNAME%, did you hear about our recent rebrand and website launch?

are improving and expanding our Pregnant on Campus Initiative to be Standing With You, a program dedicated to helping pregnant and parenting students achieve success.

New face, same mission!
Visit the new website here.

If you have a friend who has just found out that she is pregnant, this is the prefect place for both of you to start.

Sort through our resources to find everything from signs of pregnancy and local resources right by your campus to tips for balancing college, pregnancy, and parenting.

Can’t find something you need? Email us, and we’ll be right there to help.

Now that you know where to go if a friend tells you she’s pregnant, what should you say?


  • OH MY GOSH! Seriously?!
  • Are you scared?!
  • Are you going to keep it?!
  • You know this is going to make things complicated, right?

Do Say:

  • How are you feeling?
  • Have you told anyone about your pregnancy other than me?
  • Have you taken a pregnancy test at a doctors office?
  • Would you like me to go with you to your first doctors appointment?

If you stay calm and collected, so will she.

Just remember, that even if the news is a little bit shocking, what she really needs is a friend who will be there for her throughout the journey.

So, let her know you’ll be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to walk alongside her!

At Standing With You, we’re here to help YOU stand with HER.

For Life,

Camille Cisneros
National Supportive Services Director
Students for Life of America

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